Gelato (ジェラードちゃん, Jeraado-chan) is a Ham-Ham who claims to be not from Earth, in a magical place in the clouds. Gelato describes this place as very "fluffy". She also says she is the princess of this place. She has one green ear and one pink ear, and her head is shaped like an onion. She also wears an orange-ish red dress and handles a spoon at all times. She is owned by an ice cream vendor. In later Japanese episodes, Gelato is shown to have an infatuation with Boss, who strongly shows evidence of having Gelato as his new crush, however this crush was short-lived. She appears in episodes #250, Tottoko Fuwafuwa! Jerado-chan, "Fluffy Gelato", and #280, Tottoko Peron! Yakiguri Seijin, "Gelato's Chestnut Army!"