Sandy (トラハムちゃん, Torahamu-chan) is a good, sporty, and nice Ham-Ham. Her twin brother is Stan and she keep eyes on her flirty brother with her ribbon. Sandy has a crush on Maxwell and have became a couple. Sandy, with her "valley-girl" ways is social and athletic. She keeps the Ham-Hams on their toes with her sporty style all the while keeping a close eye on her flirtatious twin brother, Stan.


Owned by Hillary. A sporty young girl Ham who carries a ribbon. Her interest in rhythmic gymnastics have been influenced by Hillary, who is a gold medal gymnast. She has a crush on Maxwell. While in the English version it might seem that the two have confessed their affections, a Japanese episode confirms that they are not quite romantically involved yet. In the English version, she has a valley girl accent.


  • Name Meaning: Ruler of Man; Defender