Stucky (ぬけないくん, Nukenai-kun)is a boy hamster, who loves hide and seek. He appears as a main character in only two episodes. He makes many cameos in episodes. He is like Cappy in a lot of ways. They both like hide and seek and are smaller than the rest. Stucky appears in the video game Hamtaro Ham-Ham Games.


A hamster who looks and talks a little like Cappy. Stucky is "stuck" in a plastic pipe, so he can only move by running or rolling, but he likes being "stuck". His pipe resembles a warp pipe from the Mario series both in shape and color, so he always rolls around saying "Rolly-polly". Stucky is a hamster who has a large family, and is the opposite of Cappy when it comes to life at home. There are so many kids in his family, no one really notices him, and that's why he is always hiding. He loves hide-and-seek, and is really good at it too. Cappy, at first, didn't like him because of that, but when Stucky found Cappy after he had been in danger, they became the best of friends. Stucky never told where he lives.